Sell Gold for Cash in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon

About Us

We at Cash for Silver are the experts with dealing second-hand jewelry from over 20 years with our professionals. We are the most leading resell jewelry market in the entire Delhi NCR. We have been successfully acclaimed the mines of people because of our profound service as well as offer. We are highly known because of our service from pledging silver jewelry from the banks directly by paying hard cash instead.

We are the genuine buyers to give a 100% benefit from old valuables without even cutting a single percentage of commission or cut. Moreover, during the festive seasons, we offer 15% more payment beyond the original value to allow our seller to reach a definite satisfaction by selling their items.

Cash For Silver

We buy silver items like coins, bangles, articles, bars, sheets, idols, etc. We buy any article of this precious white metal whether it is broken, damaged, scrap, used or unused. We buy from any high quantity to as low as the 0.5-gram denomination of this precious white metal based on the purity, weight and current market value. Our experts believe that every customer must have the same service therefore; we never add up a service charge and deliver a free quote.

Our Vision

We have very much appreciated with our services over the years but we look positive to be the most found jewelry buyer in the coming years. Beside our reputation, we wish to spread our horizon over the coming years. We are a focus to continue to maintain a positive bond with our customers and offer the best value in exchange for their valuables.

Therefore, in the future, we hope to be more achievable to all our customers and also providing them the benefit to earn from their long lost jewelry in an instance as we do right now. We strive to offer our best profitable service without any service prices now and also in future, and thus we hope to make our future clear with believes that we will be more reputed in the same business in the near future.

Our Mission

Our main focus is to run a non-profit company where we only buy old and used precious articles and forward them into the market by servicing them further. There neither we cut any commission nor do we add up to extra value beyond what is worth for your items. We believe every customer must know what their valuables are worth of, therefore we run free testing, evaluating and verifying of the items in the international method of detecting the purity of the metal right in front of the valuable customer to give the right value in exchange of the items.